With a long and proven commercial history operating and building dedicated commercial unmanned aerial systems, the team at Altus have a great track record

Let’s be clear here. Sure we manufacture drones. But our real business is building Aerial Intelligence systems and applying that technology to a growing number of applications like surveying construction sites or open mines or analyzing crop health for agriculture or assessing assets on telecommunication towers.

When our business formed in 2012 we already knew that there wasn’t a UAS platform out there that could deliver the sort of robust features we required to provide a) state-of-the-art accuracy, and b) a commercially-strong work-all-day-long system.

So, you guessed it, we built our own! Our unique reverse design methodology meant that we didn’t compromise on existing norms and specs; we developed from our stringent data integrity requirements, backwards. That meant decisions like camera lenses quality, stabilization units, auto-pilot boards, multi-GPS units and triple-safety systems could be included in our ultimate UAS package.

The result: An unparalleled Reconnaissance, Collection and Analyze system, providing a superior repeatable commercial operation for UAS contractors and organizations.

Onwards and upwards

Since our inception, Altus has developed a number of market leading platforms, registered two very significant patents for their technology and established itself as CNN's manufacturer of choice for News gathering drones, including direct contribution to the FAA Pathfinder Program.

The Altus team is really the sum of some clever and assorted parts. Collectively we have over 65 years of commercial UAV experience. We are a proud New Zealand based company; well supported by our investors and our families respectively. And we’re delivering UAS systems to world markets, principally USA and Europe.

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