With a long and proven commercial history operating and building dedicated commercial unmanned aerial systems, the team at Altus have a great track record

Let’s be clear here. Sure we manufacture drones. But our real business is building Aerial Intelligence systems and applying that technology to a growing number of applications like surveying construction sites or open mines or analyzing crop health for agriculture or assessing assets on telecommunication towers.

When our business formed in 2012 we already knew that there wasn’t a UAS platform out there that could deliver the sort of robust features we required to provide a) state-of-the-art accuracy, and b) a commercially-strong work-all-day-long system.

So, you guessed it, we built our own! Our unique reverse design methodology meant that we didn’t compromise on existing norms and specs; we developed from our stringent data integrity requirements, backwards. That meant decisions like camera lenses quality, stabilization units, auto-pilot boards, multi-GPS units and triple-safety systems could be included in our ultimate UAS package.

The result: An unparalleled Reconnaissance, Collection and Analyze system, providing a superior repeatable commercial operation for UAS contractors and organizations.

Onwards and upwards

Since our inception, Altus has developed a number of market leading platforms, registered two very significant patents for their technology and established itself as CNN's manufacturer of choice for News gathering drones, including direct contribution to the FAA Pathfinder Program.

The Altus team is really the sum of some clever and assorted parts. Collectively we have over 65 years of commercial UAV experience. We are a proud New Zealand based company; well supported by our investors and our families respectively. And we’re delivering UAS systems to world markets, principally USA and Europe.

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Meet our team leads

Shaun Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Shaun is our chief designer and CEO. His years of designing and flying Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and UAVs are too many to count. Let's just say he has unparalleled experience in the industry!

Shaun is currently the reigning Chairman of UAVNZ, a part of Aviation New Zealand. He is the first elected Chair for this organisation of over 700 members.

In his past lives he has been the CEO of the NZ Aviation Industry Cluster, responsible for bringing our country's aviation technology to the world. Highlights prior to that include being General Manger of Temprecord International, a niche manufacturer. He is a father of two and is married to the wonderful Alex, who told me to write this.


Simon Morris

Chief Operating Officer

Simon is the COO or General Manager. He also takes care of Business Development. He joined the Air Force straight out of school as a pilot. After a tenure here he went on to build his hours in the civilian flying world, sitting his Commercial Pilot's Licence. Along the way he got distracted and went to University and completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Spanish.

Simon also joined the Army partway through this process and diversified into the Geospatial and Intelligence arena. He served two tours in Afghanistan in support of Kiwi Special Forces and after 7 years in this role joined a forestry company. He has since built up over 5 years of UAV experience, focused on flying and photogrammetry. "Coffee is not a lifestyle choice."


Dwayne Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Dwayne is the former Group Finance Manager of T&G Global (Turners and Growers). Having initially served as an independent director on the Altus governance board, Dwayne has both taken a shareholding in the company and taken up the fulltime role of Altus CFO.

Bringing a wealth of expertise he provides strategic direction as well as day to day managerial experience to the Altus team.


Gareth Prentice

Professional Services

Gareth is an ex-Army artilleryman. He also ran a UAV unit which deployed to Afghanistan in 2010. He has over 7 years experience in both military and commercial UAVs and attained his Private Pilots Licence courtesy of the NZDF.

Here at Altus he is in charge of Professional Services and customer deliverables. He is our photogrammetry wizard and is a guru with the software. His responsibilities include instructor pilot, flight ops planning as well as image processing and analysis.

He has a legendary dry wit and a smart comeback for almost any situation.


Mike Long

Technical Officer

Mike is the best kind of geek. He understands all things computers and electronics and is as good at fixing stuff as he is at pulling them apart.

Mike joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force at a tender age as an Avionics Technician and spent nearly ten years working on the A4 Skyhawk and its systems. After the disbanding of the strike wing he spent several years working in Wellington as a Defence Network Technician and then code-changed across to the Army as a Sergeant and consolidated his IT skills as the Systems Manager for Army Simulation Centre.

Since leaving the Military he has worked for Lockheed Martin in various technical roles and has been involved in commercial UAV ops for over 6 years.


Stephen Greig

Test Pilot/Integration

Stephen is a composites wizard. Not because of any penchant for pointy hats and wands, but because of his expertise in construction with composite materials.

A boatbuilder by trade he has worked on some of the most most high-tech yachts for Cookson Boats as well as several racing campaigns, including Team New Zealand's America's Cup bid in San Francisco in 2013, and also some successful ones (too soon?)!

"Huggy" is also a sponsored RC aerobatics pilot with a world ranking. For Altus he doubles as engineering guru and test pilot.


Ryan Cadwallader


Ryan is a trade qualified engineer. He is an integral part of the manufacturing team and is responsible for prototyping and developing many of the key Altus initiatives.

He also has many thousands of hours on all types of R/C aircraft as well as a Private Pilots Licence.


Andrea Cadwallader

Executive Assistant

Anj is our EA and Office Manager. She's pretty awesome and everything runs a lot smoother when she's here.

She is married to Ryan. Yeah I know.