Managing safety and risk management are crucial to the ultimate success of the fast-growing unmanned aerial systems industry.

Our Reverse Design Process took safety very seriously. Apart from positively avoiding harm and managing risk, we knew that it was little good having the highest performing UAS unless we could claim it was also the safest drone on the market.

Our operating procedures naturally cover safe planning, operation and management of our UAS systems. But our UAVs also have unmatched safety features built into their design to reduce risks to operators, bystanders, payload equipment and land-based assets.

Triple Redundancy UAS Safety Features

The Altus UAVs have been design and manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure robust and safe operation. And to achieve such a consummate stable aerial reconnaissance platform capable of recording unmatched high fidelity data the Altus drones typically operate well within their weather tolerances.

However, much of the regulated use of UAVs is naturally concerned about safety and risk management. As an industry we recognise that we must go beyond normal standards and ensure our aircraft have mitigated every conceivable risk. So not only are the Altus Unmanned Aerial Systems designed and built robust but they also can carry triple redundancy UAS safety features.

The World’s Safest Survey Drone

An Altus UAS can be equipped with 3 safety systems including a low-altitude ballistic parachute.

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Independent motor control to maintain stable flight in case of failure or emergency.

• Redundancy on fail
• Fast response time
• Safer in strong wind
• Heavy lift capacity
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True redundancy in the air from a majority-rules voting system for uninterrupted control.

• Military grade system
• Internal health monitoring
• Three GPS receivers
• Multiple redundant IMUs
• Safety override on fail
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Our patented ballistic chute is a final fail safe measure minimising harm from all-out operational failure.

• Unique patented design
• Ballistic firing with CO2
• No explosive compounds
• Automated deployment
• Effective from 25 feet

CNN adds Altus X8 to FAA Pathfinder Program

CNN has purchased the X8 UAV from Altus International as part of a trial of aerial news gathering under a US Federal Aviation Administration programme. Altus has been working with a partner in the U.S., Blue Chip Unmanned Aerial Solutions. Blue Chip has been flying and testing the platform with its U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Section 333 exemption to operate a UAV commercially for aerial filming and photography.

The Delta X8 has an 8-rotor brushless motor system paired with a dual autopilot and emergency recovery parachute. According to Altus, there is not a safer multirotor platform available on the market today.

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